Kintago Rebels

Laithiel's Recruitment Mission

Leaving the Long Roads Coffeehouse with a pack containing several days worth of supplies and her faithful hound Fluffy, Laithiel headed towards the Nightway Gate in the North of the city. On her way there she was accosted by Prinya Priscullus, who questioned her extensively about the effects of the doughnuts and why she hadn’t been around to visit at all. After conversing with the gnome for quite some time Laithiel mentioned that she was leaving the city for a few days, prompting the pink haired gnome to thrust a very crumpled list into her hands. Prinya explained that she was running short of several herbs and other ingredients and that if Laithiel could acquire some while she was out on her travels she would be very appreciative. Prinya notes that mint in particular has been almost impossible to get hold of these days, but can’t imagine why. Laithiel promises to try and get some mint if she can but secretly wonders if the gnome could really be that naive or forgetful or if it is just an act.

There is quite a queue to get into or out of Kintargo at the Nightway Gate, made worse by the extensive security checks being carried out by the guards. When Laithiel finally gets to the front of the queue she has to pay a gate tax of 3sp plus an extra silver piece for the dog, as well as endure a bag search and pat down accompanied by a number of lewd comments.

Once out of the city, Laithiel headed cross-country east, towards the Silver Highway. After several hours travel Laithiel heard the sounds of some sort of struggle ahead and racing forwards saw an Aquatic elf fighting a small group of goblins. Laithiel came to her fellow elf’s aid and together they were able to defeat the goblins. The elf thanked Lathiel and introduced himself as Araquiel. As they seemed to be heading in the same direction Lathiel suggested that they travel together for the time being. Araquiel proved to be a very taciturn travelling companion but Laithiel eventually managed to gather that he had been sent on some sort of mission to find something, but was completely unwilling to discuss what it was he was looking for. Laithiel and Araquiel traveled together for the rest of the day, making camp that evening besides a small stream. The next morning Laithiel awoke just in time to see Araquiel dive into the stream and swim away. He did however leave behind two small fish with a note attached reading simply “Breakfast”. Laithiel waited a while after breaking camp but Araquiel did not return.

That evening Laithiel came across a group of Varisian travellers, who invited her to dine with them and shelter in their caravans for the night. Laithiel spent several days with the Varisians and swiftly gains their respect through the exchange of stories of their travels. She also explains the current situation in Kintargo, and the leader of the group Ciprian Mandreanu, seeing an opportunity for profit agrees to smuggle items into the city for the rebellion. The first shipment would consist mostly of mint but the potential for smuggling in other items such as weapons once the rebellion could better afford it is there. When Laithiel and the Varisisans part ways Laithiel is accompainied by four of the group, including Esmeralda Mandreanu, a young priest of Desna who seems somewhat in awe of Laithiel.


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