Kintago Rebels

Serena's Log

Session 2

Having determined for certain that the tracks and mysterious symbols on the floor were not in fact arcane, but just tracks of little creatures, Seréna reliably informed the party that there were wizards around. Cautiously they descended into a room via the trapdoor and discovered some rats masquerading as contents of barrels. Their cunning disguises were thrown aside as they attacked, but by Lolth’s grace (ie, a highly distractionary spider) the party slew them and advanced into a hall where Grimples lived and were trying to play tricks on the party to annoy them.

Thankfully, Laithiel determined that the Grimples spoke undercommon and so through some quick negotiation from the resident Lolth Priestess traded doughnuts for passage. The tripping Grimples (those doughnuts, man!) let the party through and they found the stronghold in disarray, attacked by fiendish Lemures (as was the party).

After a tough battle, the Lemures were heroically cut down by Andris and the party advanced into the stronghold which was in wrack and ruin. In some crates, however, goodies were discovered: magic leather armour, masterwork short and cross bows, a masterwork silver morning star, an elven cloak, a lockbox, pearls, and 6 silver raven figurines of wondrous power.

They returned to Rexus who directed them to his mother’s friend in the Long Road Coffee House. She helped unlock the box (with a number of scrolls and encrypted information inside), and offered them assistance with staying above the Coffee House and using tunnels (called the Wasp’s Nest), though her friend who recently went missing down there cast doubt upon the sense of security of the tunnels and the party were enlisted to help find him (or, as Seréna pointed out, his corpse)


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