Current Gold Total 245gp

The following Loot has been collected so far

Rexus’s Inheritance
Victocora Signet Ring
Mwk Silver Dagger

Fair Fortune Livery
Platinum Juliac Signet Ring
+1 Leather Armour
Composite Shortbow
Mwk Hand Crossbow
Mwk Silver Morningstar
Cloak of Elvenkind
12 Pearls (2 sold for 160gp)
Coffer of Documents
Scroll of Misdirection
Scroll of Pass Without Trace
Scroll of Undetectable Alignment
Scroll of Whispering Wind
6 Silver Raven Figurines of Wondrous Power

The Wasp’s Nest
Alligator Meat
Daredevil Boots
3 Copper Bracelets
Silver Locket with Elven word for “Mother” and Eggshell inside


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